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War and Peace by Spring74
War and Peace
The War breaks up into a cherry blossom.
Inspired by: Vocaloid - senbon sakura and the end of the 2nd World War in Europe.

Ink and watercolor.

Why We Have Wisdom Teeth.

Scientists and dentists today are deeply confused as to why we have wisdom teeth. However forged fossil evidence sheds new light onto the subject. A skeleton of a caveman was recently discovered inside a Burger Clown fast food dumpster. On the teeth of the skeleton anthropologists discovered nuclear radiation. After further investigation scientists now believe wisdom teeth were used in a massive war against the dinosaurs. During the year 1234 BC a dinosaur named Gangasaurstyleasaurus began preaching nationalistic ideologies, and calling for genocide against humans and mammals. Two years later the dinosaurs waged war against all that wasn’t dinosaur (This would later be known as World War BC). During the War human caveman were immediately put to the disadvantage, and all hope seemed to be lost as the dinosaurs were eating and killing everything. However during the battle of “Rickety Dino Legs” a man named Jong Bong bit a dinosaur’s tail. The dinosaur’s tail touched his wisdom tooth and the whole dinosaur exploded with the power of a 50 megaton nuclear bomb. Soon cavemen everywhere were biting dinosaurs with their wisdom teeth, detonating massive nuclear shock waves across the planet. The massive amount of fire power used against the dinosaurs caused them to go extinct. Thanks to the wisdom teeth of past cavemen humanity was saved.
The Angry Officer by XxHAMADEHxX
The Angry Officer
He had his orders. Nuke the town and capture the candy factory. Upon walking into the town the robot noticed an incredibly long line at the dentist's office. Thousands of children with cavities awaiting medical treatment. It was then that the robot had a change of heart. The candy factory must be destroyed. When the deed had been done his superior officer scolded him for disobeying his orders. Indeed it was a sad day for the robot, but a victory for children everywhere. 
I've always had really crappy looking tank tracks and I want to get better at drawing(painting too) them.  I realized that I could probably practice tank tracks the same way people practice textures(which I'm also bad at XD).

I know know some tutorials for textures but not tanks tracks. Tank tracks are weird.... especially when the bench and thats where I get really confused.

How would I get better at drawing tank tracks? right now I'm trying to copy them but its really confusing XD

Any advice?


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United States
Im XxHAMADEHxX I draw random stuff and write ridiculous stories. My stories usually contain pastrys, cookies, ice cream, giantess, tanks and other various armored vehicles, cats, space ships, galactic invasions, swords, guns, and dungeons.

Im very paranoid about my cat steeling my cheese and shooting my zebras.

I also hope that someday the world will learn how to share pop sickles while drinking bar-b-q sauce.

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